Indeed, it is true that the burden I am about to shoulder on my weak shoulders is very heavy. However, equally powerful are the stimuli received by my conscience, realizing that something must finally happen. To preserve some historical elements for the next generations from a culture where rivers of foreign ideas, thoughts, and theories are attempting to drown in the mud.

The future for our tradition, our customs, morals, and traditions, is evidently judged to be dark and gloomy. The insatiable profit preys on our moral values in these times, and expediency, spreading further and further, brandishes the scepters of power.

In this time of rearrangements and changes, I brace myself and prepare to engage in a difficult struggle. I acknowledge that the space to write a book is challenging and not at all familiar to my intellectual abilities. However, with the “armor” of good intentions, selflessness, and free from any ulterior motive, I make the great decision to dare this undertaking. With the illumination of Divine Providence, I hope to overcome my weaknesses and fulfill this great desire.

Because my heart can no longer bear to witness day by day the good and beautiful things of our land, which for centuries our grandparents and parents endured with struggles and blood. Here, we, with our indifference, allow them to fade away and be lost in oblivion. Therefore, knowing myself well, I dare to begin writing the history of my village, “Chorafakia,” and hopeful that the kind-hearted readers will someday be able to wander through the streets and alleys of the village where I, too, first saw the light of the sun, grew up, and created my own family. From the beginning, I want to assure those who read it that my intention is to depict and acquaint the readers with the pure and enlightened life of ordinary people from all sides. That’s why I will closely follow the difficult path of the tormented life of the people, not to miss the difficulties, tribulations, joys, and sorrows, entertainments, celebrations, and happiness that are not mentioned in the pages and chapters of this work.

Let us explore the places of Chorafakia and learn its place names to be familiar each time we find ourselves there. We will delve into the lime kilns and elevate ourselves to the times when people went to the fields to earn their bread. And then, we will wander with our imagination.

With love and appreciation,

Emmanuel Koutrakis son of Georgios